Welcome to the NEW OF SOUND MIND Car Audio Technical Pages.

The OF SOUND MIND Car Audio Technical pages have been serving Car Audio enthusiasts from all over the globe for more than five years. It has provided insight into the behind-the-scenes aspects of products, how they work, and how they should be installed.

OF SOUND MIND was due for a cosmetic overhaul and of course, some updates. OF SOUND MIND has decided to provide our readers with product reviews. Honest and unbiased reviews are hard to come by, as most reviews that are printed are part of advertising or marketing campaigns. This limits the reviewers ability to be honest about the product. We intend to provide an alternative to that.

We hope that you enjoy reading OF SOUND MIND, and as always, we welcome feedback and suggestions. Please visit our feedback page and send us a note.

Dave MacKinnon, Senior Editor

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