OF SOUND MIND is proud to offer the internet car audio community a few fine products. The selection will grow over the next few months, but here are a few to start things off.

OSM - Ultimate SPL CD - $13.00 CAD (plus shipping)
The Ultimate SPL CD is unlike any other CD on the market. Not only does it contain sinusoidal waveforms at frequencies between 35Hz and 75Hz, but it also includes in-between frequencies. 35Hz, 35.5Hz, 36Hz, 36.5Hz and so on, right up to 75Hz. The disc also includes a pink noise and white noise track for use with RTA devices.

OSM - Ultimate SQ Setup CD set (2 CD's) - $21.00 CAD (plus shipping)
The Ultimate SQ CD set includes sine waves at 1/6-octave spacing that coincide with the frequency centers on most high quality equalizers. The recording level is 90%. The second disc includes ten level-setting tracks, spaced at convenient octave-spaced frequencies that allow for the setup of all amplifiers in all ranges. The sinusoidal waveforms are recorded at 100% (0dB), 95%, 90%, 85%, 80% and 75% to provide flexibility in level setting to compensate for discs that are recorded at lower levels. Two frequency sweeps have been included to help detect resonances in the vehicle / environment. These are perfect for eliminating rattles and buzzes from trim panels. The disc also includes a pink noise and white noise track for use with RTA devices.

OSM - T-Shirts - $20.00 CAD (plus shipping)
OSM has been around for a long time, helping a lot of people. If you want to support us, there is no better way than to sport one of our high-quality T-Shirts. The shirts are available in Black or White and are made of the highest quality cotton for a good fit and great longevity. The Black shirt sports a purple OSM logo on the front chest with 'WWW.OFSOUNDMIND.COM' underneath it. The white shirt has the same logo on the front, but also has a larger logo on the back with the original site slogan: "Quality is Satisfaction"
Quantities are limited, please inquire for sizes.

Please contact us via our feedback page for availability and shipping costs on all OSM products and services.